Hello everyone, I'm Nepeta. I've developed StackXI, Launchtron and ported c0ldra1n's Mitsuha to iOS 11 (MitsuhaXI). This page was created because of people asking me for a way to support me, so here it is. For privacy reasons I don't use PayPal, WeChat, Apple Pay or any similar proprietary money transfer solutions.

To support me you can:

Bitcoin: 1FcoJUKSWPBo2Y8WnzcNgnfYpVWAybTEwk
Ethereum: 0x3fabC34288A01cd5d800b86213eF7e24a6d444a4

If you really love the idea itself that powers MitsuhaXI please donate to c0ldra1n (PayPal) [not my PayPal address!].

Thank you.

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